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Long Term Planning Committee - Clubhouse


The Long Term Planning Committee engaged Main Street Architects to conduct an engineering report of the existing clubhouse and design concepts for a new clubhouse.  The engineering study revealed several deficiencies that will cost a significant amount of money to address for the Club's short- and long-term needs.  The design of a proposed new clubhouse is attached for your reference.  Posted here are floor plans and elevation schematics for both one-story and two-story options (note that adding a second floor does not change the first floor plans).  The proposed building would be built on the footprint of the existing clubhouse.

First Floor:

  • The deck is enlarged to be the full width of the building, maximizing outside seating for dining (note that an awning is planned but is not in the rendering)
  • The front of the clubhouse inside is for dining and new bar area
  • Pro Shop is moved to back corner closest to the cart barn
  • Women's locker room is moved to back corner closest to the entry driveway
  • Kitchen is more efficient and serviceable, located in rear part of clubhouse close to Hill Street
  • The main entrance faces the parking lot, and adds an ADA-compliant lift
  • Men's locker room includes two private shower stalls
  • Additional area in crawl space for off-season storage of patio furniture
Second floor (if added):

  • Includes a roof terrace facing the golf course
  • Additional dining space and bar
  • Room for a golf simulator or additional storage

The schematics are inside the clubhouse for your review as well (inside dining room).  The Board of Governors and the Long Term Planning Committee will schedule an additional information session to discuss the clubhouse initiative, design, and funding options so that members may ask questions and provide feedback. 

Download Files

LGC Floor Plan - First Floor
LGC First Floor Plan.pdf
LGC Floor Plan - Basement
LGC Basement Floor Plan.pdf
LGC Floor Plan - Second Floor
LGC Second Floor Plan.pdf
Elevation 1-Story
1 Story Scheme Elevations.pdf
LGC Exterior View - Single Story
LGC Exterior View - Single Story.pdf
Elevation - 2-Story
2 Story Scheme Elevations.pdf
LGC Exterior View - Two Story
LGC Exterior View - Two-Story.pdf

Long Term Planning Committee - Golf Course

During 2021, the Long Term Planning Committee began a multi-year effort to create a proposed Master Plan for the golf course, in partnership with an emerging architect who specializes in classic New England course design. Our architect, Tyler Rae Design, has recently completed a routing plan for the golf course that will serve as the basis for our Master Plan and accompanying golf course projects over the next 10-20 years. The benefits of using a Master Plan are many, but most importantly, the Plan allows our current and future memberships a thoughtful and balanced plan that will be implemented in sequence with a spending profile that allows us to modify the golf course as quickly or patiently as our financial conditions and membership interest allow.

There are over two dozen individual projects, both large and small, that make up the proposed Master Plan, from small changes to our fairway lines, tees, and greens, to major changes to two of our golf holes. In addition, the Plan includes a short game practice area option that reflects the high level of interest from our recently completed member survey.

Key takeaways from the member survey include:

1. Address most problematic aspects of our current design and routing: Par 3 weaknesses, Hole #7 safety issues, lack of practice area, incremental improvements on existing holes, and eliminating artificial bunker material

2. Maximize the use of our entire property and its topographical and property assets (visible ledge, specimen trees, Hole #2 pond, etc.), as much as possible

3. Establish a more New England aesthetic that builds cohesiveness of the golf experience throughout our golf course (native grasses, ledge, etc.)

4. Trade off current weak holes with “better” holes that improve playability and fit our property and golf course aesthetics

5. Establish a short game practice area that is optimized for our available space

6. Improve sight lines, tee alignment, teeing options through routing changes and smaller modifications where available

7. Create a consistent bunkering model and apply throughout the golf course

8. Recommend maintenance improvements that will improve playability, enjoyment, and shot values

9. Add additional teeing areas that create additional hole options and playing variety, particularly with our forward tee areas

10. Add additional yardage as opportunities to do so become evident

Over the coming months, the Board and Long Term Planning Committee would like to hear as much feedback as possible about the proposed Master Plan. Large display images will be available in the Clubhouse to review, as well as detailed hole by hole summaries of the proposed changes booklet form.  

Download Files

LGC Master Plan Proposal 09-2021
LGC Proposed Course Design 09-2021.pdf