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Membership Levels and Wait List Process

***The General Wait List is currently  CLOSED***

General Wait List: Applications for membership are only accepted when the wait list is "open" for a new applications.  When the wait list is open, applications are pooled on the final due date and assigned a number (generally alphabetically by last name).  The Club then holds a lottery during which numbers are drawn one-by-one to determine the order of the waiting list.  There is special handling for those who are children of active Limited and Regular Members, or former Limited and Regular Members who wish to rejoin the Club.

Social Member: When there is an opening for Social Membership, individuals are offered this membership level from the general wait list in order of the lottery.  A Social Member has full use of the clubhouse and practice areas, restricted number of number of rounds per month, and restricted times of play.

Limited Member: When there is an opening for Limited Membership, individuals are offered this membership level from the Social Member list, in order of when they became a Social Member.  This level of membership requires the Entry Fee to be paid.  A Limited Member has full use of the clubhouse, unlimited number of rounds, and restricted times of play.  Limited Membership may be Individual or Family level (spouse and children under 23 years of age).  A Limited Member cannot vote or hold office, and may request to be placed on the waiting list to become a Regular Member.

Regular Member: When there is an opening for Regular Membership, Limited Members are offered this membership level in order of the waiting list for Regular Membership.  A Regular Member has no restrictions on number of rounds or times of play.  Regular Membership can be Individual or Family (spouse and children under 23).  A Regular Member can vote and hold office.

Junior Membership: Applications are taken for Junior Membership at any time for those between the age of 16 and 23 (determined as of June 1st of the year joining the Club).  When there are openings for Junior Membership, individuals are offered this membership in order the applications were received.  A Junior Members has unlimited rounds of golf and has restricted times of play.

Intermediate Junior Membership: Active Junior Members are offered Intermediate Junior Membership upon reaching the age of 26 (determined as of June 1st for the year being offered Intermediate Junior Membership).  This level of membership has the same privileges as Junior Membership.  An Intermediate Junior Member pays a reduced Entry Fee over a four-year period, after which the individual automatically becomes a Limited Member regardless of available openings in that membership category. 

Junior Membership and Children of Members

The Lexington Golf Club is accepting new applications from those wishing to apply for Junior Membership (eligibility for those between age 16 up to age 23 as of June 1st), or from children of members (no age restriction).  Applicants are required to obtain sponsorship from two Regular Members who can provide the application forms.  Applications must be submitted with a non-refundable fee of $500.  A waiting list is determined by date the completed application and application fee were received. 

When opening occur for any membership categories, applicants are interviewed by the Membership Committee and voted by the Board of Governors at its next regular meeting.


New Membership Application Form

Applications for the general wait list are no longer being accepted

We are no longer accepting new applications.  For those that submitted completed applications by the May 31st deadline, we will be holding a lottery to determine the order of the new Wait List at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12th at the Club.  Your attendance is not required, but you may want to join the event and come meet other applicants and members.

Applications for Junior Membership, Former Members, or Children of Members may be submitted at any time (although membership openings may not be available).  

The new Membership Application can be downloaded here.  The application and application fee should be mailed to:

Lexington Golf Club

P.O. Box 177

Lexington, MA 02420

Attn: Membership

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please reach out to Membership Committee Chair at

Download Files

LGC Membership Application Form 2023
LGC Membership Application Form 2023.pdf

Current Waiting List

Wait lists may be viewed on the Members-only Membership Page which requires login.  If you cannot recall you login credentials, please contact the Club Secretary at