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Clubhouse Rules



  • Hours during which the Clubhouse is open for use are posted on the bulletin board. 

  • Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times in all areas of the Golf Club.

  • No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse or on the course at any time! 

  • Towels shall not be removed from the locker room. 

  • Golf shoes should not be stored on top of lockers. 

  • No card game which involves cash on the table shall be played on the Club premises and no card games will be played in the dining room during season. 

  • The Club is not responsible for any losses of money or property in the Clubhouse. 


No blue jeans, gym shorts, cargo pants/shorts, or tee-shirts will be allowed on the Club premises, including the Clubhouse, porch, golf course, putting green, and hitting cage. Hats shall be worn with bills facing forward. The only exception to this policy is the parking lot and locker rooms. Men’s attire is shirt with collar or mock turtleneck.


A member shall not reprimand or make complaints to a Club employee or  contractor.  Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary or the Chair of the House Committee. 


All alcoholic beverages must be obtained through the Club's Food Services; members and guests may not bring their own alcohol (including during the off-season).

These regulations may be amended from time to time by the House Committee and approved by the Board of Governors.