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USGA Rules of Golf - 2019 updates

The USGA issued updated Rules of Golf for 2019.  Special thanks to Kevin for putting together these summaries of these new rules.

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Dropping a Ball
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The Relief Area
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Elimination of Penalties
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LEX 2019 Rules poster 5.pdf
Penalty Areas
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Dropping Options
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Repairing Damage on the Putting Green
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LEX 2019 Rules poster 9.pdf
Lost Ball & Playing Provisional Ball
LEX 2019 Rules poster 10.pdf
Embedded Ball
LEX 2019 Rules poster 11.pdf
Dropping Options for Unplayable Ball
LEX 2019 Rules poster 12.pdf
LEX 2019 Rules poster 13.pdf
LEX 2019 Rules poster 14.pdf
LEX 2019 Rules poster 15.pdf


The USGA published the Golfer Awareness Index, based on a fundamental understanding of the game and how each individual impacts playing surfaces, pace of play, and golfer enjoyment.  We emphasize "Playing Fast" with the objective of playing less than 4-hour rounds.

Please observe these Fast Play Guidelines:

  1. Play ready golf, not necessary to have furthest person away go first. If you are at your ball an no one has addressed their ball, or be ready to hit, i.e. know the club you are going to hit. On the putting green be ready to putt. 
  2. Record your tee time and periodically refer to it to create an awareness of your group's pace of play. 
  3. Keep pace with the group in front of you. Your position is directly in back of that group, not directly in front of the group behind you. 
  4. Encourage slow player(s) in your group to pick up the pace. 
  5. If in a cart, drop off player and then go to or walk to your ball and get ready to hit. Do not wait for your cart mate to hit. 
  6. Hit your ball before helping out another player in the foursome find a ball. Most of the time the ball is found before you help. 
  7. Get in the cart after you hit and put your club away at the next shot. 
  8. Hit your tee shot then score. 
  9. Try to play using the 100 and 150 yard markers using the sprinkler head markers less often. After some practice you will become more accurate and faster. 

Golf Rules


All members are requested to notify the Pro Shop before teeing off! 

  • Members must sign a greens fee charge slip in the Pro Shop registering all guests. 

  • No cash fees can be accepted. 

  • Members are prohibited from leaving the 1st tee in a cart without signing their Cart Rental Charge slip! 


All alcoholic beverages must be obtained through the Club's Food Services; members and guests may not bring their own alcohol onto the golf, course. 


Play on the golf course, including handicaps and tournaments, will be governed by the rules issued by the Golf and Greens Committees and approved by the Board of Governors.  All competition will be governed by the Rules of Golf of the United States Golf Association, except as modified by the local rules (refer to the Scorecard for local rules). 


Golfers must replace divots, smooth sand traps, and repair ball marks on the greens as they play.  All litter must be placed in receptacles located at vantage points on the course. 


Proper attire is required at all times while playing golf on the Lexington Golf course!  No jeans or tee-shirts will be allowed on the golf course premises.  This includes the putting green and hitting cage.  Men's attire is shirt with collar or mock turtleneck.  Shorts may not be shorter than a score card width above the knees.


Cell Phone use is permitted following procedures outlined by the Board of Governors.  In general, cell phone use is prohibited on the golf course or in the clubhouse (including the outside deck) unless there is an emergency that requires use.  Cell phones may be used in the parking lot and in the locker rooms.

Safety on the Course

There was an unfortunate accident on the course recently where a member was hit and injured by a golf ball. Our course is a small one, with many blind shots. It is important for all players to be alert at all times, and to warn other players of errant shots. Please read and follow these important guidelines to mitigate as much risk as possible to all golfers on the course.

  • On holes where there are blind shots due to hills (#2, #4, #6, #7, #9); groups coming up those holes should check over the hill to be sure the group in front of them has cleared the landing area. Likewise, if you are playing on those holes, and particularly if play is slow, you should stay back at the crest of the hill to indicate to the group behind you that you are still in the way. Riders often do this by keeping a cart at the top of the hills, and walkers should keep at least one player back as well. 
  • In areas where errant shots are known to land in high traffic areas (for example: tee balls hit to the left off #1 that land in the 9th fairway, tee balls off #2 tee that go right into the 3rd fairway), all members of the group teeing off should be on high alert to warn golfers on these holes by yelling "FORE!" Similarly, if you are standing in one of these fairways, you should be keeping an eye on players teeing off on these nearby tees, as they are known risk areas on the course. 

Golf has inherent risks, and we can't completely eliminate them. However, everyone has the responsibility to follow these guidelines to reduce that risk as much as possible during every round of golf.

Thanks to all for your attention to these guidelines.

The Board of Governors